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Private Music lessons w/ Dr. Daniel

Piano | Music Theory | Harmony | Composition

Piano lessons - Curriculum

Lessons are custom designed to fit the needs of each individual student. All students receive a strong foundation in classical performance & technique, applied music theory and ear training/ listening skills. Students can also learn other styles of music, Popular music, Christmas music, song writing, composition and improvisation techniques. Creativity is highly encouraged, and I aim to foster the full enjoyment of music. 

Online & in-person lessons

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Kids & adults are welcome; beginner & advanced

Music is a Language and I love speaking it. My mission is to help musicians and music lovers see music in a new light. Unlike many musical systems which teach memorization of rules, I aim to rather give you the tools to empower you in using music in both an effective and practical way, ultimately enjoying the playing and making of music.

Scroll down to read what my students have said

Theory & Composition Lessons

Composers and advanced students can book meetings in order to go through their scores, receive feedback on their music, as well prepare their composition portfolios as needed. Send an Email to book a session

What my students have said:


"As a teenager passionate about music, I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring music teacher. His dedication to nurturing my musical interests is evident in every lesson. He not only teaches piano and music theory with expertise but also encourages me to dive into composition and orchestration.

What sets Dr. Daniel apart is his commitment to helping me grasp intricate musical concepts, while making the learning process very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the orchestration workshop that I participated in, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from established musicians.

Dr. Daniel’s approach is very friendly, and he keeps inspiring me to follow my passion in music. I’m thankful for the skills I’ve gained under his guidance."


"Daniel Mehdizadeh is an engaging, skilled teacher. I've been impressed with how he supported our daughter when she was 17 to prepare for her RCM level 8 theory exam (which she did very well on) and how he nurtured her aspirations to be a composer. She is now a 3rd year university student studying music composition."


"Dr. Daniel possesses an exceptional talent that truly shines through in his teaching. He not only imparts the invaluable skill of reading music and playing piano to my children but does so in a way that makes learning fun. His commitment to ensuring our little ones grasp each concept before progressing to the next lesson sets him apart. We're immensely grateful to Daniel for his expertise and for making the learning journey so enjoyable. Thank you, Daniel, for your outstanding dedication to your craft!"


"I’m a parent, and I can’t praise my daughter’s music teacher, Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh, enough for his incredible dedication. His sincere approach to teaching and shaping my daughter’s journey in music is truly remarkable. My child has blossomed under his guidance, gaining not only technical skills but also a deep appreciation for music.

His willingness to provide diverse opportunities, such as participation in orchestral projects, showcases his commitment to fostering well-rounded musicians. My daughter learns piano, orchestration, composition and music theory from Dr. Daniel.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Daniel to anyone seeking a nurturing and enriching musical education."


"Daniel is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to ensure that his students receive high quality instruction and guidance on piano, theory and composition."


"My daughter is learning piano, music theory, composition, and orchestration from Dr. Daniel. As a parent, I'm incredibly grateful for the impact Dr. Daniel has had on my daughter's musical journey. His sincere dedication and unique approach to teaching has helped her thrive and develop an innate understanding of music. His ability to simplify complex theoretical concepts and make learning fun is truly commendable. What sets him apart is his willingness to go the extra mile by being flexible in his teaching methods and even referencing wide variety of pieces to enhance my daughter's learning experience. I am delighted to see my daughter flourish under his guidance. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor for her."